Pet Slow Feeder Bowl – Assorted Earthy Colours


Use this Pet Slow Feeder Bowl to slow down your pets eating behaviour, improving digestion, prevent bloating and promote better gut health. Placing the food between the separations not only makes the food go further, so your pet feels full on a smaller amount of food but gives them a mental workout too!

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Teach your fur companion good eating habits with this pet slow feeding bowl!

This Pet Slow Feeder Pet Bowl is specially designed to slow down your pet’s eating behaviour. Thereby improving their digestion, preventing bloating and assisting in promoting better gut health too. Placing the food between the separations and obstructions not only makes the food go further, so your pet feels full on a smaller amount of food but gives them a mental workout too! This slow feeder bowl is beneficial to your dog’s health. Guide your dog to healthier eating habits with this Pet Slow Feeder Bowl.Â

Pet Slow Feeder Bowl Features:

  • Prevents over-eating, bloating, obesity and gulping
  • Ideal size for small to medium size pets
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Suitable for dry or wet food
  • Made from food-grade PP materialsÂ
  • BPA, Phthalate-free
  • Approx. product dimension:Â 22 x 5 cm

Colours Available:

  • Coral Pink
  • Artichoke Green            Â
  • Spruce Blue

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Slow feeders are beneficial to your dog’s health for a number of reasons. slow feed dish can reduce bloating, choking and gastrointestinal discomfort. The slow feeder bowl modifies your dog’s eating behaviour and forces him or her to slow down their eating. By slowing down, your dog is less susceptible to bloating and it improves their digestion of the food. A slow feeder bowl helps with portion control, helps prevent choking, better digestion plus helps with memory skills. Perfect for the dog that likes to eat fast and gobble food down, and will transform your pet’s mealtime.Â

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