Hand Held DIY Brake Fluid Bleeder

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Bleed Brakes Like a Pro: 2-in-1 Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Tester Tool Kit

This 2-in-1 brake bleeder and vacuum pump tester tool kit is the perfect solution for bleeding brakes quickly, easily, and cleanly, both at home and in professional settings.


  • 2-in-1 Functionality: Bleed brakes and test vacuum systems with one versatile tool.
  • DIY Friendly: Designed for easy at-home use, minimizing mess and saving you money on mechanic visits.
  • Universal Compatibility: Includes a variety of adapters to fit most vehicle makes and models.
  • Complete Kit: Comes with 3 different length tubes to accommodate various needs.
  • Accurate Measurement: Built-in vacuum gauge displays pressure from 0 to 30inHg (76mmHg) for precise testing.


  • Maintains optimal braking performance
  • Ensures a firm and responsive brake pedal
  • Removes air bubbles trapped in the brake lines
  • Saves time and money on brake maintenance
  • Suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics

With this 2-in-1 tool kit, you can:

  • Bleed your brakes efficiently and effectively
  • Diagnose leaks and other issues in vacuum systems with the integrated pump
  • Keep your car’s braking system in top condition for safe driving

This comprehensive kit provides everything you need for a complete brake bleeding and vacuum system testing experience.



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    Very well worth the money.

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  2. Mashabela (verified owner)

    Good quality.

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